Pameran Internasional Indonesia 2017

21 March 2017





Ambassador Ibnu Said together with other business counteparts from Indonesian stand M 3045, joining the opening ceremony of Madværkstedet 2017. The exhibition start from 21-22 March 2017, and open from 10.00 a.m to 18.00 p.m. There are 150 exhibitors with 194 new products to be introduced and more than 1.000 visitors attending the exhibiton.

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Indonesian stand always shows its unique and big interest in promoting Indonesian food and beverages products to Denmark market. We do have confident that Indonesian premium food and beverages products that we present today, will be the next popular products in Denmark. H.E Ibnu Said expresses our confidence as part of the implementation of Indonesian Culinary Diplomacy goal that is to strenghten Indonesia-Denmark billateral cooperation, specially in trade sector.

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Our first premium product that we introduce is Kopiko ‘’Volcanic’’ Coffee. Kopiko "Volcanic" Coffee is produced by PT. Torabika Eka Semesta in collaboration with the Danish Speciality Food (Tylstrup Kager A/S), as the official distributor in Denmark. This coffee is the premium product of Arabica coffee beans planted in volcanic areas of Indonesia. It is premium, strong, and tasteful, just perfect for Danish’s taste.


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Indonesian coffee actually already popular in Denmark. We are the 4th biggest coffee producer in the world. And Denmark is the 3rd largest consumer in Skandinavia. Indonesian coffee products mostly known by the island of origin such as: Aceh Coffee, Java Coffee, Mandailing Coffee, Gayo Coffee and Sumatra Coffee. Already famous in all well-known coffee shops in Denmark. But many of consumers don’t know where is the origin of country, those coffee are come from Indonesia. 


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The second premium product that we offer is Cashew Nut from Kraghs A/S. It is premium product of Indonesian cashew plantation by cooperative farmers in East Java, Java Island. Kraghs cashew nut has five different flavours, there are: onion flavour, chili flavour, salt flavour, sesam flavour, and honey flavour. 


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Kraghs cashew nut is luxury selection, has good taste and the most important it is fair trade between Kraghs A/S and the people.


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Another products that we introduce are Indonesian foods and snacks. Those products including special chilli pastes, sweet soya sauces, fish snacks, srimp crackers, instant seasonings, instant cake flours and many more. Premium brands that we present made by SALAKI–Bumbu Desa, PT. Arts Boga Sentosa, and PT. Tiga Pilar Sejahtera. Those products presented by Dini’s Restaurant & Trading ApS.

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Dini's Restaurant and trading is Indonesian business countepart that has speciality in Indonesian restaurant and Indonesian premium products.


At 11.30 a.m, Indonesian Embassy presenting special live cooking of “Beef Rendang”. Presented by Mr. Rusliyawan, Indonesian Master Chef together with danish translation by Mrs. Santi Pedersen.


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Beef rendang is a spicy meat cuisine which originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Padang, Indonesia. The traditional recipe consists of beef, coconut milk, mixed ground spices, including ginger, galangal, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, garlic, shallots, chilli, and other spices. Cooked in stable heat for hours, and served with rice.

Today, beef rendang commonly served across the country at national day celebrations and other occasions as favorite cuisine. Public enthusiasm quiet high, many people join to see the live cooking and tasting rendang in our stand.

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